Hi! I'm Rachelle,

Music sets my soul on fire. I love vacationing, working out, and shopping! I get significant satisfaction from balancing a bank reconciliation. My parents were self employed and inspired me to get my business degree, but my infatuation with numbers lead me to become a Chartered Accountant. My truest loves are my two beautiful children and my amazing husband. Next to them, what I love the most is seeing women who are killing it! Seeing them follow their dreams, achieve great things and look and feel good.

Dani + Madi was founded on a dream; a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and sharing my love for all things fashion; clothes, accessories, and beauty care. Dani and Madi are derived from the names of my grandmothers; women in my life who have influenced me in many ways.

I’ve learned that the better I feel in an outfit I wear, the more confident I am. Learning what clothes make you feel good is part of being ready to take on the world. For me this is a trendy, yet casual outfit. For you, that might be heels, jeans and a blouse or yoga pants, a t-shirt and sandals. Either way, I want to help you look and feel happy and confident.

Wishing you good feels and a great outfit!